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Some guy got really mad I ganked him in Storm peaks

by Wafflezzbutt Mon, 5 Nov 2012

After kiting him and his friend around a tower in AV without letting them cap

by Wafflezzbutt Wed, 10 Oct 2012


by Wafflezz Thu, 21 Jul 2011

GMZ are fun

by Wafflezz Wed, 1 Jun 2011

tauren babe

by Tovorish Wed, 6 Apr 2011

Daedalis raiding

by Dawkinzz Wed, 6 Apr 2011

Actual picture of Daedalis while he raids

So Cute

by Dawkinzz Sun, 3 Apr 2011


Nefarian Down, 12/12 Normal Modes

by Dawkinzz Mon, 14 Feb 2011

Nefarian finally went down. Grats to everyone. Happy Valentinezz Day :)

The Paladin/Priest/Warlock Helm token dropped. This is a video of Daedalis and Ultrazord fighting over loot that I recorded. Homobot makes a guest appearance.

Serious post

by Wafflezz Sat, 5 Feb 2011

It has come to my attention that the news posts on the front page are not showing our guild in a serious light.

Most guilds got serious posts about boss downings and what not.

Therefore. I'd like to congrats our 10 man team on downing daed's Mom. After a hard night of wipes, she finally went down. Grats guys. Also grats to dawkinzz on the drops he got from her. See a doctor about that though.

honestly though

by Wafflezz Thu, 3 Feb 2011

honestly not a porn site though


by Wafflezz Thu, 3 Feb 2011

This is not a porn site

by Daedalus Wed, 2 Feb 2011

"This is not a porn site. Find your porn elsewhere"
-Daedalus of Zuluhed


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